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2K Polyurethane ISO Free Topcoat


Technical Documentation

Product Overview

Mohawk’s new 2K Polyurethane ISO Free topcoats are state of the art, 2 part urethane systems that are isocyanate and formaldehyde free coatings. This high solids coating is 550 VOC g/l compliant formulation with user friendly application options. It can be applied by brush or spray.

2K Polyurethane (ISO Free) topcoat is designed for interior wooden surfaces that are exposed to heat, moisture and a multitude of household chemicals. They are the perfect choices for bar tops, restaurant tables, conference room tables or dining room tables because it has superior mar and chemical resistance properties.

This coating builds fast and also has non-yellowing properties.

  • Excellent Scratch and Mar resistance
  • High solids and superior build
  • Non-Yellowing
  • Simple 3:1 mixing ratio
  • Brush or spray applied

  • Application Tips

    Need a couple of pointers on best practice for this product?

    Click Here to view videos on the best way to apply this product.

    Qty SKU Number Description Color UOM List Price
    M610-5006 2k Polyurethane Iso Free Hardener Part B EA $23.93
    M610-5207 2k Polyurethane Iso Free Matte 96 Oz Part A EA $52.32
    M610-5407 2k Polyurethane Iso Free Satin 96 Oz Part A EA $52.32
    M610-5807 2k Polyurethane Iso Free Gloss 96 Oz Part A EA $52.32
    M650-5107 2k Polyurethane Iso Free Reducer Gal EA $36.62

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