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Mohawk Dyes Concentrates are a solution of metal-complex dyes in a special solvent that offer the finisher many options for application. The Mohawk Dye Concentrates are designed to be let down with water for an economical, nonflammable stain or with alcohol and/or acetone for a fast drying, non-grain raising stain. They can also be used as a toner or “shader” by adding directly to water-based and most solvent based finishes to create a customized finish.

Not for exterior use. Note: This product contains VOCs in excess of 750g/l. Please consult local finishing regulations to ensure proper VOCs are maintained.

  • 2 oz. bottle yields about 2 quarts of dye-stain

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    Qty SKU Number Description Color UOM List Price
    M561-0002 Dye Concentrate Bordeaux 2 Oz EA $12.87
    M561-0006 Dye Concentrate Bordeaux Qt EA $81.51
    M561-0572 Dye Concentrate Green 2 Oz EA $11.65
    M561-0576 Dye Concentrate Green Qt EA $53.91
    M561-0592 Dye Concentrate Yellow 2 Oz EA $12.24
    M561-0596 Dye Concentrate Yellow Qt EA $71.51
    M561-0602 Dye Concentrate Orange 2 Oz EA $12.43
    M561-0606 Dye Concentrate Orange Qt EA $66.69
    M561-2242 Dye Concentrate Black 2 Oz EA $10.78
    M561-2246 Dye Concentrate Black Qt EA $48.30
    M561-2422 Dye Concentrate Red 2 Oz EA $14.27
    M561-2426 Dye Concentrate Red Qt EA $103.85
    M561-2492 Dye Concentrate Perfect Brown 2 Oz EA $11.89
    M561-2496 Dye Concentrate Perfect Brown Qt EA $65.98
    M561-4142 Dye Concentrate Blue 2 Oz EA $11.25
    M561-4146 Dye Concentrate Blue Qt EA $47.65

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