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Knot Filler Repair Kit

Touch-Up Fillers/Wood Fillers

Technical Documentation

Product Overview

The Knot Filler Repair Kit is easy to use, and the result is great whether you are fixing a split, other damage or loose and missing knots. Knot Filler is suitable for all sorts of wooden surfaces such as flooring, furniture, windows etc.

Knot Filler Gun
Knot Filler Cooling Block
Knot Filler Chisel
Interchangeable Nozzle
Walnut Knot Filler Rods 9 Pack
Operating Instructions
Color Guides
Sanding Pad

  • Made of 99% Polyamide
  • Fast, easy application
  • Hardens within seconds
  • UV resistant
  • Does not sink or shrink
  • Indoor / outdoor use
  • Non-toxic
  • Adheres and will not fall out stabilizing and making the knot stronger
  • Lasts up to 5 times longer in the wood

  • Application Tips

    Need a couple of pointers on best practice for this product?

    Click Here to view videos on the best way to apply this product.

    Qty SKU Number Description Color UOM List Price
    M319-6000 Knot Filler Repair Kit EA $327.80
    M319-6005 Knot Filler Clear 300 Mm 9 Per Bag EA $74.17
    M319-6006 Knot Filler Black 300 Mm 9 Per Bag EA $74.17
    M319-6007 Knot Filler Grey 300 Mm 9 Per Bag EA $74.17
    M319-6008 Knot Filler White 300 Mm 9 Per Bag EA $110.84
    M319-6009 Knot Filler Ash 300 Mm 9 Per Bag EA $74.17
    M319-6010 Knot Filler Pine 300 Mm 9 Per Bag EA $74.17
    M319-6011 Knot Filler Oak 300 Mm 9 Per Bag EA $74.17
    M319-6012 Knot Filler Beech 300 Mm 9 Per Bag EA $74.17
    M319-6013 Knot Filler Walnut 300 Mm 9 Per Bag EA $74.17
    M319-6014 Knot Filler Mahogany 300 Mm 9 Per Bag EA $74.17
    M319-6016 Knot Filler Pine Light 300 Mm 9 Per Bag EA $74.17
    M319-6017 Knot Filler Cherry 300 Mm 9 Per Bag EA $74.17

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