History of Mohawk

Frank D. Pabis started Mohawk Finishing Products with an initial investment of $5,000 in 1948. In 1973, Pabis merged his firm with RPM, a company based in Ohio. By 1980, Mohawk Finishing had 200 employees, 140 of them in Amsterdam. Pabis died in 1981. Twenty years later, in 2001, RPM closed the Amsterdam plant and moved Mohawk Finishing Products to Hudson, North Carolina.

Today Mohawk Finishing Products is the leading manufacturer and distributor of professional wood touch up, repair and finishing products. Mohawk offers the highest quality wood coatings and finishing products, furniture polishes and cleaners, and touch up and repair products for wood and leather in the industry.  Specializing in products for the furniture, cabinet and flooring markets, Mohawk also offers environmentally friendly touch up and repair products. We consider the best products as well as the best practices.  Mohawk provides more products and services to help small to mid-size businesses with their furniture and cabinet finishing, finishing and repair projects than anyone in the industry.

Based in Hickory, North Carolina, Mohawk Finishing offers its top quality wood coatings and finishing products across the country and around the world through respected distributors, or you can order direct or online through our product catalog at www.mohawkfinishing.com.