Professional Finishing Workshop

Professional Finishing Workshop - 2 Day - $995.00 per person- NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME.


Spend two days with Mohawk's experienced instructors and learn cutting edge techniques from the pros!

Mohawk’s Professional Finishing Workshop for wood is designed to teach you how to produce today’s most popular finishes with our Professional Finishing System products. This is a hands-on workshop. The instructor will show you how to perform each step and then you’ll duplicate the same phase of the finishing process on your own board. You’ll be creating step panels that you can use later to show your customers an assortment of different finishes they can choose from. You’ll be able to confidently recreate the finishes from your experience at the workshop.

You’ll find our instructors to be professional in every way and eager to help you in the learning process.

Through our curriculum you will learn:

  • How to stain 

Ultra® Penetrating Stain, Wiping Wood™ Stain, and  combinations of the two used together to create deep, rich   colors. Use Ultra® Penetrating Stain to make a toned finish.

  • Apply glaze

Highlight the grain pattern of beautiful woods such as oak and   create multiple color finishes

  • Create a physically aged finish    

Take this versatile finish to an ultimate physically distressed, faux aged, glazed, and spattered finish or stop at something in   between severe aging and slight aging

  • Color matching principles

Primary and secondary colors

Earthtone colors

Mixing to match colors  

Matching finishes

  • How to use a variety of finishing systems   

Nitrocellulose, pre-catalyzed lacquers, post catalyzed   conversion varnish and waterborne systems


NOTE: Contact the hotel directly for hotel accommodations. Classes begin promptly at 8:00 am and end at 5:00 pm. Be sure to arrive 15 minutes early. You are on your own for lunch.

5% Discount on products ordered during the workshop
15% Discount on instructor’s products used during the workshop

$75 Discount for 30 day early registration

$20 Discount per person when 2 or more from same company are registered

Dates and Locations are subject to change without notice!  Please confirm that the class is being held before booking airline reservations.  Mohawk is not responsible for non refundable tickets or change fees.

Ask your Rep for details!