Wood Touch-Up & Repair Workshop

Wood Touch-Up & Repair Workshop - 1 Day $900 Per Person

Let us professionally train you and your personnel using the most up to date, easy to learn and apply touch-up and repair techniques for wood offered in the industry. Our experienced instructors will work with each student to ensure that upon completion of the one day workshop they will have achieved the repair techniques needed to enhance your business.

The professional Mohawk instructors will demonstrate solutions to the most common wood touch-up and repair issues, such as:

  • Damage Analysis
  • Replacing Color
  • Filling of Damages
  • Grain Replacement
  • Spot Finish Application
  • Sheen Adjustment
  • Scratch Removal
  • Finish Care


Curriculum includes:

  • Learning how to repair dents, gouges, deep scratches, burn marks, broken corners, and edges
  • Learning how to remove scratches, replace sheen, lower sheen, and bring a dull finish to life
  • Learning techniques for proper use of Fil-Stik® Putty Sticks, Hard-Fill burn-in sticks, epoxy fillers, sandpaper, adhesives, and aerosol finishes
  • Learning color theory for matching colors, effects of white and black on colors and color intensity levels
  • Learning application techniques for wood, laminate and other surfaces using aerosols, markers and other popular products


Some of the items you will find in the Student Wood Kit are:

  • Apron
  • Epoxy Stick
  • Blendal® Stick Assortment
  • Markers
  • Brush Tip Markers
  • Background Markers
  • Professional Rolling Bag
  • Battery Burn-in Knife
  • Fil-Stiks®
  • Shading Pencil
  • Brushes
  • CA Glues
  • Hard-Fill Burn In Sticks
  • Assorted Aerosols


Students will take home a Wood Student Kit with a professional carrying case worth over $1100.00!


Notice to all students who fly to a workshop:  Kit and components cannot ship via air or be taken onboard a commercial airliner.  Students must make arrangements for and are responsible for all costs associated with shipping their kit after attending the workshop.

NOTE: Contact the hotel directly for hotel accommodations.  Tuition does NOT include overnight hotel accommodations. Classes begin promptly at 8:00 am and end at 5:00 pm. Be sure to arrive 15 minutes early. You are on your own for lunch.

Dates and locations are subject to change.

5% Discount on products ordered during the workshop

$25 Discount for 30 day early registration

$20 Discount per person when 2 or more from same company are registered

Ask your Rep for details!

 CALL 1-800-545-0047 TO REGISTER   


*****Will you be flying?*****

If you are flying, please note that the workshop student kit cannot be taken on any commercial airline for your return flight home.  Students are responsible for shipping their kit to their home/work address after the workshop.

Please go to FedEx.com, create a shipping label, pre-pay with a credit card, print your label and bring it with you to the workshop.  Workshop kits will include a cardboard box.

Wood Workshop kit including shipping box:  64 lb; 24” W X 19 ½” L x 29 ½” H

Leather Workshop kit including shipping box:  68 lb; 24” W X 19 ½” L x 29 ½” H